Selling Guidance


You as the owner are best placed to sell your property.
You have owned and lived there, carried out work/renovation and know the local area better than any estate agent.

After you’ve made the decision to sell the first thing that you’ll be needing to know is the price.  This can be the difficult bit, it’s your property with your own personal feelings attached, not to say for many a lot of financial investment, so it’s important to try to get a independent valuation.  You can always ask an estate agent, but don’t forget their fees will be added your property price.

I’ve detailed a couple of websites which offer a guide to property price, you can also speak to your local Notiare.

Advertising on Private Property Sellers gives you a greater advantage as you are advertising your property without estate agents fees thus making it more attractive to a wider audience of buyers.

As the seller you need to maximise your selling potential and make your property as attractive as possible. Whilst we provide the largest network of property portals along with video and additional services it can be made harder if you haven’t got a few key points correct in the first place.

We recommend the following:

  • Correct pricing
  • Take photos on a sunny day – if you require a professional we can put you in contact with these services.
  • If you’re taking your own photos – have tidy rooms and ideally don’t have people or pets in them, have as much light into the  rooms with shutters and curtains open
  • Make sure your text has key points about your property – new roof, swimming, pool, beautiful views, close to village/schools, fosse or mains …as we are seeing from our advertising key points work.
  • Ensure your text has details of the local area – attractions, annual events, sites of interests
  • Add your google map location/Your own website link


As soon as the potential buyer arrives at your property, even before they have got out of the car they’ve already started to make a decision as to whether they like your property.


  • Have plants in pots and tidy garden area, move dustbins out of view
  • Make sure kitchen area is as clear as possible, no dirty plates or food out
  • Make beds
  • Clean bathroom/shower, don’t leave it steamed up
  • Straighten chairs and cushions
  • Children’s toys put away
  • Open shutters/curtains
  • Remove pet to one room (some people don’t like animals and this may distract them from appreciating your property)
  • Don’t leave dog foul in the garden where buyers might walk.
  • Flowers in a vase add to the appearance.
  • Light fires and make it feel warm and welcoming.

Provide buyers with any additional information – local village events, neighbour provides wood, friendly community, anything that helps make them feel it would be a nice place to live.

Additional information 

If you’ve not already done so it’s time to get the following carried out or up to date:

  • DPE report, ideally the first section which is the energy and emissions, which lasts 10 years, the full diagnostic can be carried out once you have a buyer as this valid for a limited period.
  • Does your fosse septic conform and have you got the certificate.
  • Dig out your Cadastral documents and your sale Act de Vente in case you need to clarify any details.
  • Planning permission, if you have made any changes, confirmation will be required and if you have additional land or other permits to construct have these available.


UNDER OFFERBuyer found our property with estate agent, but too expensive with their fee. We advertised with PPS in March 2017, in less than a month we have accepted an offer. The buyer has saved 15,000€ and we've achieved a sale. Who knows how long or if the buyer would have ever contacted us if we'd not advertised privately.

April 2017

SOLDWe advertised with 3 estate agents and accepted an offer and sold through PPS Ltd. Marketing our property privately alongside the agent is a great way to ensure the buyer can make a choice and has meant we've not reduced our property price after agent deductions and the buyer has saved with 0% agent commission.

ID 3972 March 2017

SOLD We were advertising with estate agents but sold privately with a number of enquiries. Have recommended PPS Ltd to friends. Thank you.

ID 7392 March 2017

SOLDDiscovered PPS through their social media marketing, having had no luck with estate agents and no viewings, decided to sell privately. We had viewers from the UK, Spain and Holland, showing just how many people their marketing is reaching. Within 6 months we had an offer which we’ve just accepted. Recommend using PPS if you want to get your house sold.

ID 6952 Jan 2017


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